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Welcome to My World

This is my perpetual Imbroglio:

Constant change--evolution.

Not the way I choose in my heart and mind,

but what the Universe chooses my way to be.

Caring for others by nature, nurture,

Others.  Not mine.  My lot not a mother to be.

To solve, fix, repair human lives

Destroyed by neglect, absence, and lack of understanding.

But who shall fix me?

Art, painting, writing, acting

Carry me through each and every cloudy day,

like rays of sun shining through to warm me upon my widow seat;

Through the perfect storms and callous winters of my life--

unlike my troubled and complicated youth

(where lone deer ventured near to me to nibble red buttons from my shirt)

--while adult desire is left dormant.

Frozen forever like the image of wonder at the snow from my youth,

for both struck by lightning and Vertigo, no repose allowed.

Slowly I faded down shifting steps from my fortress to vulnerability.

Floors ran like rain puddles filled with bugs and leafs. 


One Shining Fire-Rose



outward from it's strong stem.

Beautiful, complete . . . simple.

Ignorant screams of humanity

muffled . . . stinger removed,

As these Tender Petals fall over my ears.


Crisp false-spring air warmly caresses

The tired, hilly-faced child of yesterday.

Whipping through tattered garments

Like so many fallen petals

burned by tomorrow.

Azure sky at 60 degrees, more or less.

Alabaster wings to shelter.

Moon in Virgo, Sun in Sagittarius . . .

A stirring commences

Miraculous beginnings.

Crystal clarity invades mid's eye.

Reality leaps to lepers as will.

Wondering how news affects those loved.

Clock-mask stills rapids to pond.

Romance to bloom forever.

Barbados Beaches

Romantic beach. sun Sea. Alone.

Breezes wrap around like comfort food upon skin.

Tranquility seeps into soul like custard crumble.

Peace Experienced.

Night extinguishes not light's pleasantry.

Surreal techno sounds emanate naturally here.

Frogs toot melodic ambiance from trees and shrubs

As mother turtles parade to undergrowth to lay eggs

for morning children to return to sea. 

Mind Games

Time Vortex consumes reality

Leaving fog in-layered snow-globe scenes:

convex borders distorting view;

Analog slowing motion in kind,

Sending reeling images of mind.

Boiling water thrown into air

Hangs metamorphosed frozen silvery shards

Suddenly crystal crash harshly upon frigid ground

Like toccata chimes of stem ware upon marble floor.

​            Artwork and Poetry by Toni Blair

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